Friday, May 8, 2009


We would not begin a road trip to a new destination without a guide(map) to help us get there. Right? Then, why do so many people approach stops along their way through life to make decisions without guides? I have come to believe that there are no simple decisions in life; whether it be, left or right, where to work, or who to marry. Every decision we make affects our life and the lives of those around us. Personal or Professional ,all decisions require consideration and not an "OFF THE TOP OF THE HEAD" response to a situation. It is true some decisions will require more consideration than others but they all require the same two components: ACTION and RAMIFICATION. These two components must be evaluated with all decisions because the result of all decisions move us from where we are to another place(FROM ON COORDINATE TO ANOTHER). If I am travelling from POINT A to POINT B I must consider the choice of paths I have to follow(action) and what each path's ramifications are(ie traffic, road conditions, speed limits,etc). I need to weigh the RAMIFICATION AGAINST THE ACTION and consider which result I am most pleased with. If I am selecting a NEW CAREER I need to consider all facets of the opportunity and seriously consider the possible the ramification of each facet. I will assign value to each ACTION item and RAMIFICATION. I will total the value points for each component and decide based on the comparisons of TOTAL VALUE. If the Ramifications out weigh the action items you should probably reconsider. Simple. Right? The point is SNAP DECISIONS without consideration causes more turmoil in LIFE'S JOURNEY than anything!!